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The Original BarCamp for Translators and Interpreters!

The Original BarCamp for Translators and Interpreters!

At a xl8Camp (read: Translation Camp), translators and interpreters talk about anything and everything that’s currently going on in their profession. They exchange knowledge and ideas, discuss questions and issues of the profession, share inspiration and insights.

Just like at regular BarCamps, the participants decide about the session topics on the spot. A xl8Camp is not like a regular conference. This so-called unconference is about learning from and with each other. No matter if you’re young or old, new in the business or a seasoned freelancer. There’s no fancy conference venues or dress codes. A xl8Camp offers perhaps the most comfortable and affordable CPD out there. Intense networking included!

The first two xl8Camps took place in November 2014 and in June 2016 in Germany. I am certain that this form of event offers a great way for translators to network and to learn from each other. The concept makes CPD affordable and fun! I am now looking for xl8Camp Ambassadors to organize xl8Camps throughout the world.

If you would like to join the xl8Camp Network, be the xl8Camp Ambassador for your country and organize a xl8Camp, drop me a line at and tell me why you should be the ONE xl8Camp Ambassador in your country. I will provide you with the detailed concept and full support, from your own website to graphic design, from attracting participants to engaging sponsors. Sound like fun? It is. Talk to you soon!